Archived Sermons

“Made for the Skies – but Trapped in a Cage”
“Hope is still alive”
“Blind Ambition”
“Children of God”

“Hold back on judging”
Easter Blessing
‘Hearing God correctly”
“The Easter Event: Trust Rewarded”
“A Matter of Faith”

‘The Next Step’

‘Do it again, Lord – do it again for me’

‘The healing of blind Bartimaeus’

‘If God is your co-pilot’

‘Have you ever wanted to start all over again’

1/21/2024          ‘A Monument or A Movement’

1/14/2024          ‘Who Changed the Price Tag?’

1/7/2024             ‘Getting Beyond Busyness to Blessedness’

12/31/2023       ‘New Life for the New Year’

12/24/2023       Christmas 2023

12/10/2023       ‘The Surprise of Christmas’

12/3/2023          ‘Just Beyond the Fog’

11/19/2023       ‘A Simple Thanksgiving’

11/12/2023       ‘Discovering God’s Will for You’

11/5/2023          ‘Resignation or Redemption’

10/22/2023       ‘You Will Never believe Who I Stood in for Today’

10/15/2023       ‘We Become Like What We Love’

10/8/2023          ‘Always Take the High Road’

10/1/2023          ‘You Can’t Pass the Buck’ by Dr. Rush

9/24/2023          ‘The Frantic Chase for Success’

9/17/2023          ‘Discovering the Calm in the Midst of Chaos’

9/10/2023          ‘The Gospel According to Sam Houston’

8/20/2023          ‘Some of the Best Things in Life Take Time’

7/23/2023          ‘Playing to an Audience of One’

7/9/2023            ‘The Need to Trust’

6/25/2023          ‘The Answer for America’

6/11/2023          ‘I Hope You Live ALL of Your Life’

6/4/2023            ‘You Are Stronger Than You Think’

5/21/2023          ‘Preparing Ahead for the Crisis’

5/7/2023            ‘What Do We Really Believe about God?’

4/30/2023          ‘Aim High’

4/23/2023          ‘Steps for a Simpler Life’

4/9/2023            Easter 2023

4/2/2023            ‘A Triumphant Entry’

3/26/2023          ‘Checking Your Spiritual Pulse’

3/5/2023            ‘How to Cultivate a Loving Heart’

2/26/2023          ‘How to Muster Up the Courage’

2/5/2023            ‘Don’t Go Up That Road’

1/22/2023          ‘No Pain – No Gain’

1/1/2023            ‘Turning Defeats into Victories’

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