How to become a Member
It’s a part of our church’s DNA to welcome folks of all ages and stages, from all races and places. Jesus is the one who calls us to be a part of his family and He is the one building this church. (Matthew 16:18)

If after visiting us you feel Jesus calling you to join this part of his worldwide family, speak to the preacher following worship and
we will schedule a time to meet with members of our session, either at the monthly session meeting on the 4th Monday of the
month or on a communion Sunday. We would open with prayer and then ask you the following questions:

Our Questions for Membership
Q: Trusting in the gracious mercy of God, do you turn from the ways of sin and renounce evil and its power in the world?
A: I do.
Q: Who is your Lord and Savior?
A: Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior
Q: Will you be Christ’s faithful disciple, obeying his Word and showing his love?
A: I will, with God’s help.
Q: Will you be a faithful member of this congregation, share in its worship and ministry through your prayers and gifts, your study
and service, and so fulfill your calling to be a disciple of Jesus Christ?
A: I will, with God’s help.

Following the answering of these questions, you may volunteer anything additional you would like to share about your faith
journey or your experience of God’s grace in your life. Following that the Session will vote to receive you into the full fellowship of the church, after which you will become a voting member of the congregation, and able to hold office. In giving the answers to
these questions, you will either be making your own profession of faith, or reaffirmation of faith. If you were baptized when you
were younger, you are considered to be confirming vows taken by your parents on the candidate’s behalf. If you have not been
baptized, we will arrange for a convenient Sunday when you can be baptized in a service of worship.

We receive members in one of four ways:

Profession of Faith:
Persons who have never before joined a church join by profession of faith. As with our confirmation class, persons who have not
been baptized are invited to receive that sacrament. If a person has been baptized, we do not require them to be baptized again.
We accept as valid any baptism administered by an ordained minister in the Christian Church. While we accept people who have
been baptized, whether they were baptized by immersion, sprinkling, or pouring, and while it is acceptable and possible to perform baptism by any of these three methods, the method we use most often is sprinkling.

Reaffirmation of Faith:
Persons who have joined a church in the past but either have not been active recently, or are coming from a church that does not
transfer letters of membership, may join by reaffirmation of faith.

Transfer of Letter:
Persons who are in good standing with another church that transfers letters of membership may join by meeting with our Session
and answering the above questions, after which we will write to their church requesting that they transfer their letter.

Confirmation Class:
Persons who have gone through the confirmation class may join the church.